Winter is coming! Time to get your moles checked.

Winter is coming! Time to get your moles checked.

Here at Total Body Concept, health and beauty go hand in hand – hence why we have such a strong partnership with Molecheck and often refer our clients here pre treatment.

Why should I check my moles?

Skin Cancer is the most common form of cancer in New Zealand, so we can’t recommend regular mole checks enough. You can reduce the risk of developing skin cancer by using SPF50+ sunscreen, seeking shade, wearing SunSmart clothing and having a regular skin cancer check by a doctor skilled in dermoscopy. The sooner skin cancers are detected, the simpler the treatment.

Our IPL treatments also requires you to get your moles checked first before we can safely remove your spots.

What happens at a Molecheck appointment?

First up is careful assessment of the appearance and the surface of the mole or lesion. Then doctors are able to diagnose and treat with skilful use of advanced dermoscopy technology. Where treatment at the time of your consultation is not possible, arrangements will be made for surgical removal at Molecheck at a later date. Where appropriate, we will also refer you to a plastic surgeon or back to your own GP.