Firming Silicium Lift Treatment

The absolute lifting and firming facial

The Silicium Super Lift Facial excels in correcting loss of firmness and smoothing deep wrinkles.

Give your skin the ultimate lift (without going under the knife)

At the heart of the Firming Silicium Lift Treatment is a highly effective anti-wrinkle massage and a professional double firming mask that assists to erase wrinkles and restores radiance to the complexion.

$245.00 – 60 MINUTES
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About the Firming Silicium Lift Treatment



Our Thalgo Firming Silicium Lift Treatment is for women aged from 40+ with pronounced wrinkles and loss of firmness.



For best results, we recommend treating yourself to the Firming Silicium Lift Treatment weekly, or in a course of treatments. Better yet, carry on your Silicium routine at home with Thalgo’s Silicium Marine Range.



Included in the facial is a highly effective anti-wrinkle Dermastin massage that works to smooth, fill, lift and tone your face and décolletage area. The massage effectively activates blood circulation, leading to better cellular oxygenation and renewed skin radiance for a bright and luminous complexion. The massage also stimulates the dermis to boost natural synthesis of the skin’s support fibres; collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Additionally, it smooths wrinkles, and refines and tones facial contours.


What is the hero ingredient?

Thalgo’s Firming Silicium Lift Treatment hero ingredient is … Silicium. Silicium is a skin reconstructor meaning it can correct the formation of deep wrinkles, and can prevent the start of loss of firmness. It first helps normalise the skin by stimulating keratinocytes which help protect, hydrate and even complexion.

Silicium stimulates fibroblasts which are responsible for collagen production, subsequently improving density, firmness and elasticity. It also helps normalise adipocytes levels, which reduces adipose tissue and increases firmness of the skin.

We pair the Dermastin massage with a professional double firming mask that assists to erase wrinkles and restore radiance to the complexion, and a complimentary single-dose of Thalgo’s Collagen 10,000, and you’ll be well on your way to hydrated, plump, younger looking skin.

After treatment care

Avoid wearing make up for the day if possible as we want the products left on the skin, so no need for cleansing that night.

Avoid exfoliating your skin for two to three days after a treatment, otherwise continue to follow your normal Thalgo skincare routine.

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